Make-up Classes & Cancellations

If you are not able to attend your regular class, we offer  ten (10) make up classes each calendar year to ensure you can make up all your classes.  Make-up classes CANNOT be used during HOLIDAY PROGRAMS (as these are separate programs), and will not roll over to the new year.

Once they have been booked, make-up classes cannot be cancelled or re-used. (Make up lessons can only be booked in a week in advance)

Please phone us to notify that you are cancelling with at least 30 minutes notice prior to your lesson commencing.  IF YOU DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CLASS, WE CANNOT OFFER YOU A MAKE-UP LESSON.

If you pay by direct debit you must cancel prior to the 20th of the month otherwise swim out the month.

A cancellation charge of $25 applies if you pay by the term and cancel your term booking within two weeks of your start date or during the term, and will be deducted from your refund. We are not able to offer credits.

If your circumstances change during the term and you need to swap class times please speak to reception. We love to help – just let us know.

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