With the winter season just a few short months away, it is important for you to prepare activities that will keep your kids active and occupied. Your children love Brooke Withers Swim School during the summer months‚ so why not sign them up for sessions during the winter season as well?

We Australians love the heat and sunshine, but that doesn’t mean your child’s swimming lessons should freeze up in the winter. While winter sports are fun, the swimming pool doesn’t have to be reserved for warmer months; especially if your child loves to swim!

Here at Brooke Withers, we have created a new customer portal so you can view the timetable and adjust your lessons all year-round. That means you can do winter sports and swim lessons!

Below are four reasons to continue swimming in the winter, we hope you‚ all dive in and join us in the upcoming months!

    1. Better Safe Than Sorry The Brooke Withers Swim School is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where it is paramount that children continue to learn to swim. For the sake of their safety, it is important to teach them swimming lessons sooner rather than later to prepare them for the summer months. In fact, according to the Australian Royal Life Saving Society, there were 29 drowning deaths in children aged 0-4 years at aquatic locations across Australia between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. This is an increase of 7 drowning deaths (or 32%) on last year’s total of 22 drowning deaths. Let’s keep our children safe by taking preventative action!
    1. Reinforce Skills Just like with any other skill, practice makes perfect. If your child has started swimming lessons in the summer and then goes an entire winter without them, they may regress as the next summer approaches. Keep your kids confident and focused by signing them up for swim lessons during the winter months.
    2. It’s Good Exercise It’s a common fallacy that kids get sick from swimming during the winter season. In fact, the contrary can be true. By keeping up with a consistent swim routine, your children will stay fit and healthy throughout the colder months. When it‚Äôs frosty outside to run around and play, the pool is a great place to jump in and have some fun.
    3. Keep Warm at Withers Still not convinced? Perhaps our heated pool and warm showers will change your mind. Not to mention, we have a brand new cafe so you and your kids can enjoy a nice hot chocolate or coffee to keep warm after swimming!

From babies to seniors, we offer swim lessons for all ages and level of skills. Our doors are open during the Winter‚so we won’t freeze you out!

Come and join us this winter and get ready to make a splash!