School Swimming carnival Readiness program


Over the  January School Holidays will will be running 2 weeks of ‘Swimming Carnival Readiness’ to prepare children for their 2020 school swimming carnivals.

Theses sessions are intended to give kids the skills to confidently compete at the up-coming school carnivals as well as learn racing tips that may give them a competitive edge. It’s a great opportunity to practice off the race blocks in a pool similar to race day.

Suitable for Levels Kingfish and above. Please call our office on 02 9999 3446 to discuss your child’s suitability if you are not sure. Non-Brooke Withers Swim School students welcome! 

Sessions cover the following:

  • Starts and Dives
  • Finishes
  • Turns if required
  • Pacing speed over 50m (or 25m)
  • Race technique
  • Stroke efficiency
  • Race practice with other participants

Carnival Readiness will run from Monday the 13th of January – Friday the 24th of January. 

Each Session is at 2:30pm each day and will go for one hour. The cost os $25 per session. 

Please register your child below. 

Carnival Readiness Program (January 2020)