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Baby Swimming Lessons:
Bond with Mum and Dad in the Water

It’s important for your little swimmer to feel safe and secure in the water. That’s why here at Brooke Withers Swim School during our Baby Swimming Lessons we encourage mum and dad to make a splash right alongside your babies! Enjoy the water as we help you teach your baby how to swim. In these 30-minute class sessions, we’ll show you how to teach your baby how to become confident and comfortable in the water. We’ll also practice:

  • Water Safety
  • Survival Skills
  • Breath Control
  • Water Familiarisation
  • And More!

All baby swimming lessons are conducted in our therapy pool. This pool is kept heated to a comfortable 32 degrees‚ the optimal temperature for your little bubs! It’s imperative to help familiarise your baby with water at a young age.

From blowing bubbles and kicking to paddling through the water, jumping, floating, and submerging, we’ll help you to give your baby the social, emotional, and physical strength to succeed as a little swimmer. You’ll also participate in fun activities, including playing and singing in the water; this will help your baby to learn to enjoy their time in the water!

We offer small swim class sizes as well. With no more than eight participants in each class, each little swimmer will get the personalised attention they need. Our Parent and Baby Swimming Lessons are available in three classes:

  1. Parent & Baby Class 1 (PB1): Parents with babies aged 6-15 months.
  2. Parent & Baby Class 2 (PB2): Parents with babies aged 15 months – 2.5 years.
  3. Parent & Baby Class 3 (PB3): Parents with babies aged 2.5 years+

When the parent feels that the child is ready to swim unassisted with the parent in the water,  they can progress to our pre-school program.

Our flexible swimming program class times make it easy for you and your baby to dive in.



    Classes run 7  days per week for 30 minutes. Please contact us to check the latest class availability.


Have a group of 6 or more?

We now offer Private Group Lessons for 6 or more Parents & Bubs, including 10% discount on your monthly membership. Perfect for Mothers Groups!

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