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(Open to all ‘Learn to Swim’ levels)

By participating in a swim intensive holiday program, you can see distinct progress in only a short period of time. This incorporated with participating in regular weekly lessons is a recipe for success. The repetition over consecutive days enables children to retain information and improve skills to assist with their swimming progression.
Regular Swim School Members may book into the Intensive Program as well as continuing with their regular weekly session.


NEW: Morning classes available (Between 9am – 11am)
Afternoon: 2:30pm & 3:00pm each day (duration 30 minutes).
Dates Available: 

  • Week One: Mon 15th – Thursday 18th April – Book for all 4 Days – $80.00
  • Week Two: Tues 23rd , Wed 24th & Fri 26th April – Book for all 3 Days – $60.00

Please note that you can not use makeup lessons to book in for intensives. 

(Open to Barracuda white, blue, silver & black squads)
 9:00am – 11:00am each day (2 hour duration) 
Cost: $50 per day 
* Special: Book for 7 Days and only pay for 6 ($300) – Limited to 16 people only!

Week One: Stroke Workshops

Mon 15th & Tues 16th April: Long Axis Strokes (Freestyle and Backstroke) 
Wed 17th & Thurs 18th April: Short Axis Strokes (Breaststroke and Butterfly)
Program Breakdown: 
* (30 minutes) Watching videos and discussing proper techniques, goal setting activities, drylands (out of water exercise that compliment swimming), proper nutrition (pre and post workout
* (45 minutes) In water demonstrations followed by warm up and practicing stroke specific drills 
* (30 minutes) Deep practice where the swimmers do a main set focused on stokes of the day. 
* (15 minutes) Relays and games

Week Two: Starts, Turns & Finishes:
Tues 23rd April: Breaststroke & Fly Day
– in depth starts underwater swimming (Dolphin kicks and pull outs), open turns and finishes
Wed 24th April: Backstroke and Freestyle Day
– In depth underwater swimming , starts, turns and finishes
Fri 26th April: Individual Medley Day
– In depth underwater swimming and open turns

Program Breakdown
*(30 minutes) Videos and water demonstrations
*(45 minutes) Warm up and mid pool 50s and 100s
*(30 minutes) Deep practice
*(15 minutes) Racing and relays

PRIVATE LESSONS – Available on request.

To book in for any of the Holiday Programs please click on the link below….places are limited so please get your registrations in early!