If this is your first lesson, please ensure you arrive 15 minutes early. Our friendly Customer Care team will issue you with a membership card which you scan at our self-check-in kiosk upon entry.

Generally, we recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes before each lesson, Please scan your membership card at the self-check-in terminal every time you arrive. This is how we know you have arrived for your lesson.

Please bring your child’s swimming costume, towel and a spare change of clothes. Rash vests and board shorts are not appropriate swimwear for lessons as they weigh children down in the water. We prefer that children do not wear jewellery, make up, face paint or coloured hair spray in the pool.

In the interest of hygiene, it is a requirement that all swimmers over the age of 3 wear a swimming cap.

Parents & Baby Classes:

Babies who are not 100% toilet trained are required to wear a “Happy Nappy”. These are available at reception for purchase for $20.00.

Please note, we do not permit the use of disposable swim nappies (such as Huggies and similar brands). We find that over time they become too waterlogged, resulting in extra weight for the baby while the lesson progresses. Our happy nappies are designed to contain any accidents that may happen in the pool.

Parents are required to wear a loose-fitting t-shirt or rash vest. Part of the water safety introduction is for each child to individually learn how to grip and progressively learn to pull themselves out of the water , first onto the parent’s t-shirt, and then on the side of the pool.

For hygiene reasons, swimming caps are to be worn by anyone over the age of 3. If you are part of our Learn to Swim program, you will be issued with a cap which will be colour coded according to your class level.

Your first cap will be issued free, and then as you graduate to the next level, the cost of your graduation cap will be added to your direct debit account for a nominal fee of $6.00.

Wearing goggles is your own personal preference, however, we do recommend that ages 3 years+ should wear goggles during the lesson. There is a range of goggles available at reception for purchase.

For the past 10+ years, Brooke Withers Swim School has used flotation aids throughout our lessons. We do understand that when used incorrectly, they can demote the horizontal body position, and create a false sense of security, however, flotation aids at BWSS are used in balanced way so as not to create a dependency. At Brooke Withers Swim School, we feel the use of flotation devices helps us establish and maintain an optimum learning environment to safely achieve the expectations and experiences of all swimmers, as well as developing all swimming skills. All bubbles and floatation devices are supplied during lessons.

It is best to keep a sick child away from the pool. Due to the high level of contagion, if your child has been vomiting or has diarrhoea, he or she must stay out of the pool until fully recovered for at least 48 hours.

You can easily cancel your lesson within 1 hours notice by logging into your Customer Portal.

Likewise, if for any other reason you are unable to attend your regular class, you may cancel your lesson via the Customer Portal.

Your account will be credited with a ‘make-up voucher’. Please note that you must cancel the lesson to receive a voucher.

Please see below for the latest information regarding our sick policy.

Make-up lessons can be booked in using a make-up voucher within 3 months of your original cancellation. Our Customer Portal displays all the available lesson times for you to re-book at a time convenient for you!

We have 2 pools, 25m is heated to 29 degrees, and the smaller Learn to swim pool is heated to 32 degrees, all year round.

Our 25m pool is 1.2 metres deep.

Our learn to swim hydrotherapy pool is 1 metre deep.

Our 25m pool is 25m x 10m.

Our learn to swim hydrotherapy pool is 8m x 10m.

BWSS uses the latest state of the art water treatment, to control our water quality. Using a combination of automated granular chlorine dosing, UV treatment, and filtration system.

To ensure the heating for both pool and air temperature is as efficient as possible, the air temperature needs to be within 1 degree of the pool temperature. We adjust the air temperature to accomodate the Winter and Summer months.

Our facilities and water are maintained to the highest standard and our water is one of the cleanest environments that that your child can be in. Swimming is generally considered a healthy activity. It not only improves lung capacity, especially for asthmatics, but it also improves the cardio-vascular system. Our pool water is tested 3 times daily and complies with NSW health regulations. Our water is microbiologically tested monthly also.

We don’t believe that you need to stop swimming over the school holidays with the exception of a two week break over Christmas and New Year! In fact in addition to our regular lessons, we offer intensive School holiday programs where children can accelerate their progress and receive intensive tuition each day. Please check out our events page for the next school holiday program.

Absolutely! Many children respond well with parents present at their lesson. In fact they love to show you what they can do and gain more confidence by you praising even their smallest achievements. You are welcome to also bring along other family and friends to cheer on your little swimmers. In the interest of safety, ensure that there is a responsible parent available for the child at all times.

Most of our swimmers attend lessons once per week, however if you want to accelerate your child‚ swimming progress you may wish to attend more. The more your child practices the faster they will acquire the skills they need to develop and progress to the next level.

Swimming lesson are a long-term process rather than an event. To ensure continuous skill development, lessons need to be a regular part of your child’s weekly routine. All children will progress at their own pace and will master the skills appropriate for their age. A good realistic goal is for the aim for the child to be able to swim 200m.

Yes of Course! Continuity plays a crucial role in building the layers of water safety protection for young children, as skills need reinforcement to stay current. Our indoor pools with consistently warm water temperatures make the experience comfortable all year round. Be sure to have dry towel and clothes ready for your child at the end of the lesson. Check our article for more reasons why it important to keep swimming during Winter.

We are happy for you to take photos and videos of your child during the lesson, however we respectfully ask that you seek per-approval from reception prior to the lesson. We will give you a media pass to be worn. Should you happen to photograph another child in the pool, you may be asked to delete the image.


Participation in the program of activities organised by Brooke Withers Swim School carries a risk that a participant may suffer personal injuries or in very rare cases extreme disability or death. Such injuries may occur by participation and exertion in activities with which participants may not be familiar, by participants failing to follow instructions in performing various activities, or by participants or instructors making errors of judgment.

Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their children before and after their lessons and any siblings in attendance are to be kept in sight at all times and within a safe distance from the pool side. Any child not actively participating in a swimming class is not the responsibility of Brooke Withers Swim School staff.

Due to medical and safety reasons, at least one parent or guardian of the participant must be poolside for, and during the entire lesson. Parents must not leave the premises whilst their child is in the pool and parents must supervise their children whilst on the premises.

In order to reduce the likelihood of any slips, accidents or injury, patrons must ensure appropriate slip resistant footwear is worn to and from the pool, including in the card park.

Small pool pram policy

Please make sure NO prams are sat or wheeled between the back grandstand and small pool.  All prams must be left by the side yellow wall and not blocking the back EXIT door.

Pool Grates

No patrons are to ever walk on the poolside grates.

Sick Policy

We ask you keep a sick child away from the pool to prevent the spread of common viruses. Due to the high level of contagion, if your child has been vomiting or has diarrhoea, he or she must stay out of the pool until fully recovered for at least 48 hours.

You can easily cancel your lesson within 1 hours notice by logging into your Customer Portal.

Likewise, if for any other reason you are unable to attend your regular class, you may cancel your lesson via the Customer Portal.

Your account will be credited with a ‘make-up voucher’. Please note that you must cancel the lesson to receive a voucher.

* UPDATE: March 2020: Whilst generally we have a 48 hour ‘return to the pool’ policy when you are sick, we ask that you be vigilant in adhering to advice from the Department of Health surrounding quarantine periods and report to us with any information that we should be made aware to ensure the continued safety of our Patrons Please click here for more information.


Patrons are reminded that it essential to practice good hygiene in and around the pool. Please remember to shower before using the pool and after and follow government guidelines on hygiene precautions when visiting public places.

In consideration for Brooke Withers Sport & Life (Warriewood) Pty Ltd, trading as Brooke Withers Swim School (Brooke Withers Swim School) allowing my child(ren) (the participant) to participate in the swimming activities conducted by Brooke Withers Swim School you agree to the terms and conditions set out below:

I understand that although Brooke Withers Swim School attempts to minimise any risk of personal injury, all physical activities carry risks that may result in personal injury to the participant and that accidents may occur.

I acknowledge that personal injury is an inherent risk within the activities undertaken as a part of this activity. In the event of accident or illness, I authorise the Pool Supervisor to consent, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, to my son/daughter receiving any medical treatment. I also authorise to engage such treatment and agree to pay the appropriate fees for such service and treatment.

I understand it is my responsibility as a parent/guardian to notify Brooke Withers Swim School of any medical conditions that might inhibit my child’s ability to participate or follow instructions. I agree that the foregoing obligation shall be binding upon me personally and all members of my family. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between Brooke Withers Swim School and its affiliated organisations and/or myself and sign it of my own free will.

Credit Card Fees:

We may charge you a reasonable fee for accepting payment by credit card and this may be up to the applicable permissible charge under legislation. We will notify you of the percentage charge.

Direct Debit Rejection Fees: 

You will be charged an $8.00 bank charge fee, each month for any direct debit rejection.

Swimming Cap’s:

Your first Swimming cap will be issued free. New colour coded swimming caps apply for each swim class level, which are debited on you account for $6.00 per cap.

Make Ups: Our swim school runs all-year-round so we have a generous makeup policy. To receive a makeup you are required to cancel at least 30minutes prior to your lesson start time. You then have 3 months to organise the makeup, makeups will expire after 3 months. If no cancellation is made you will not receive a makeup. Make ups cannot be used in place of payment and can only be used while you have an active lesson or squad booking.

Cancellations: Our lessons our done on a perpetual monthly basis.  In order to cancel your lesson you MUST complete the cancellation form on our website.  Cancellations must be received by the 16th of the month to avoid the Direct Debit run which is extracted on the 19th of the month and charged on the 20th of the month.