To determine the ability of a swimmer and class suitability, we offer FREE swim assessments where one of our friendly Teachers will advise you as to which class you should join. Please BOOK IN for an assessment here.

Once enrolled, payment will be automatically be deducted from the debit or credit card you nominate on the 20th day of each month.

Each of your classes roll over week to week. Holiday swim programs are invoiced separately upon booking. Should you lesson fall on an NSW Public Holiday or during the Christmas shutdown period, you will NOT be charged for that lesson in that month’s direct debit or card charge run.

We may charge you a reasonable fee for accepting payment by credit card and this may be up to the applicable permissible charge under legislation. We will notify you of the percentage charge. You will be charged an $8.00 bank charge fee, each month for any direct debit rejection.

All payment details and class bookings can be managed through our Customer Portal. Alternatively, please call our Customer Care team on 02 9999 3446.

For pricing, please view individual class details.

We are not open on Public Holidays.

Should your lesson fall on a NSW Public Holiday, you will NOT be charged for that lesson/week in that month’s direct debit run.

In the instance you are sick or unable to attend a lesson, you may cancel a lesson within an hours notice, and you will be credited with a make-up voucher.

Your make-up voucher can be used at any time within 3 months of the original cancellation. All cancellations and makeup lessons are managed by you via your personal Customer Portal.

At any time via the Customer Portal you can swap your class times and day to suit you and your needs.

To cancel a monthly membership, all cancellations CAN ONLY be made by filling in a Notice of Cancellation Form.

Please note that the direct debit run occurs on the 20th of each month. To withdraw from your class and avoid your next payment processing, please submit this form by the 16th of the month to allow us time to process your withdrawal.

An early termination fee of $150 applies for those who have taken advantage of our GOLD Pricing.

By Swimming and participating in our program, you agree to the terms and conditions as set out on our school policy page


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