Looking to take a dive but don’t have a designated pool or lane for swimming?

Luckily, lane hire and/or pool hire is available at Brooke Withers. Whether you are a school, sports team, fitness group, physiotherapist, or someone simply looking for some lane space, our facilities are perfect!

What can Brooke Withers Swim School offer you?

We have 2 pools available for hire upon request. Our 25m is heated to 29 degrees, while our hydrotherapy pool is heated to 32 degrees year-round.

Our 25m pool is 1.2m deep, and our hydrotherapy pool is 1m deep. Perfect for:

  • School Swimming Carnivals and Events
  • Scuba Diving & Freediving training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Recovery Programs
  • Personal Training
  • School Sports Progams
  • General Lane Hire