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Swim Camp – Summer School Holidays – Spring 2020

Swim Camp (Barracuda & Squad Levels)

We will running two weeks of swim camp in our September School Holidays: Students may book in for as many days as they like.

Swim Camp is suitable for squad level swimmers including Barracudas, White, Blue, Black & Senior Squads.
Places are very limited for sessions so we encourage you to register your interest early!

Time: 9:00-11:00am (2-hour duration)

Week one:  September 28th – October 2nd ($60 per session or $250 for 5 sessions)

Monday & Wednesday: Pull and Kick Days – Sculling, pull buoy and paddle work and a lot of cool new drills.

Tuesday & Thursday : Underwater swimming and turns Days – Underwater dolphin kick and tumble turns will be the focus Thursday. Pull outs, dolphin kicks and open turns will be the focus of Friday. Both days we will be working on some drills to speed up our turns and give us more power underwater.

Friday: Choice Day – There will be stations for every stroke set up and the swimmers will be able to choose what strokes they would like to work on that day.

Week two: October 6th – 9th  ($60 per session or $200 for 4 sessions)

 Tuesday & Thursday – Sprinting Days – We will be working on sprinting from the blocks, breath control activities and pulling a parachute behind us in the water to help us develop some power in our sprinting.

Wednesday & Friday – Mid to long distance & IM work will be the focus.

Swim Camp Daily Schedule

10 minutes of videos and/or worksheetsWorksheets include self – evaluation of their swimming and “Best drills” for me worksheets. We will watch videos of world class swimmers, preparing for competitions – nutrition and mental preparation.

15 -20 minutes of Dryland TrainingDryland is all about building strength and flexibility outside of the water to help us with our swimming.

30 minute warm up with drills and stroke work We slow things down and work on the skill of the day in a progression or using different drills and equipment.

35 minutes challenge setThis is where the hard work comes in… Swimmers push themselves to keep up with the clock and the other swimmers.

25 minute fun and partner/ group workWe work together to critic each other’s swimming We also play games including partner swimming, bananagrams, mat races, relays and more.

SNR Swim Camp Registration (Jan 2021)