From infants to expecting Mums to the elderly, going to a swim school provides so many benefits. Do you have a child who needs to learn how to swim, or perhaps a grandmother who struggles with a backache? Perhaps you want some time to yourself, whatever the reason, the solution may lie in the activity of swimming.

Anyone and everyone can attend a swim school

At a swim school there is an outlet for people of every age and physical ability. Children can learn important skills that aid development while adults can improve their existing skills. People with lung and breathing problems can build lung strength while those suffering from arthritis and body pain can find relief. Swimming provides a safe and low-impact form of exercise that promotes fitness and health. Swimming is ideal for people with physical disabilities, chronic pain or injuries, or just those looking for lighter exercise, as well as more die-hard fitness enthusiasts too. Learning to swim also opens opportunities for other water sports, such as kayaking, water polo, surfing, scuba diving and so much more. Here are nine ways that swimming can have a positive impact for everyone:

  1. It is a physical exercise that improves stamina, flexibility, strength, balance and posture.
  2. Swimming classes teach important water safety lessons, drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death in children.
  3. It can be relaxing and stress-relieving, and enhances mood and mental health.
  4. It is a cardiovascular activity that promotes heart and lung health and improves circulation, which can benefit pregnant women especially.
  5. Swimming improves cognitive and mental abilities such as spatial awareness.
  6. As a low-impact sport, swimming reduces injuries and strain.
  7. Swimming is an activity that is easier for the disabled to take part in and enjoy.
  8. It can be a team or individual activity, good for social and shy people alike.
  9. Swimming is an activity that is easier for the disabled to take part in and enjoy.

Enrol at a swim school today!

Whether you want to experience these benefits for yourself or offer them to a loved one, enrolling at a swim school is the first step. At a swim school you can learn all the techniques and benefits of swimming from qualified instructors who provide the safety and guidance necessary when starting out. Find out how valuable swimming can be at your local swim school.